Corporate Team Building


Axe Throwing Lanes

Are you looking for a memorable team building activity? 

Or did you want to take out your clients and leave a memorable impression on them?

Axe Throwing @ The Bunker is the perfect venue to host all your corporate event needs. Regardless of your age, skills or fitness level, our axe throwing coaches teach you how to throw an axe for a fun, exciting & memorable experience. You’ll also have one of our axe throwing coaches who will instruct your team on how to throw an axe as well as host games. Then you will get into round robin play and a tournament to crown the axe throwing champion of your company. If you have a larger team, we’ll ensure you’ll get several coaches to keep everyone learning and having fun.


Tactical Laser Tag Warfare Arena

Now if you are looking for something really adventurous...your group should try our Tactical Laser Tag Warfare Arena !!!

Nothing else will have your adrenaline pumping and build some instant bonding & chemistry between your coworkers than "going to battle" and having a blast doing, literally.

Team Building games like Boss Hunt; Capture the flag; & Team Domination & many more, will make your next company outing the stuff of legends. 

The sounds & feel of our Real World , FPS (First Person Shooter) state of the art equipment, coupled with the exhilaration you feel from maneuvering through our over 2500 square ft. Warfare Arena Maze with the theme music pumping...WOW

Everyone will feel clear, focused, & fulfilled. A tighter knit group from sharing the field of battle....TOGETHER !!! And ready to take on the next challenge @ work. ARE YOU READY FOR THE EVOLUTION !!!

Give your high-performing employees the fun time they deserve—or help kick-start your team’s growth into a super-charged crew. We’ll provide the venue and the atmosphere to ensure you all have an unforgettable experience. Whether during the week @ a lunch break to renting out the entire facility for your next company outing....The Bunker is the go to place for all your needs & we will make it happen.

 Reach out to us to book your corporate or team building event with The Bunker @ Eastridge Mall.

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